Your Membership Upgrade: Cyber Security Protection

Exclusive Benefits for Members of Professional Associations

Why Offer Security as a Member Benefit?

Professional associations play a critical role in Canada's economic growth, with every member a part of an ecosystem that directly powers the national supply chain. When 98% of CTOs report having been impacted by a supply chain security incident, it is clear that associations play a key role in the health of Canada's economy. Datarisk offers three exclusive Cyber Benefits Packages to qualifying professional associations and their members.

Member Need: Compliance

Compliance requirements drive cyber security investment in Canada across all sectors, as industry regulations and legislation require entire supply chains to demonstrate verifiable security & privacy. Member Package: Verify™.

Member Need: Education

Up to 1/3 of Canadian companies and employees have no access to cybersecurity information, security training and employee awareness, even after an incident. Member Package: WorkLife™ Cybersecurity Seminars.

Member Need: Support

With damage reports from security breaches reaching $6 million in Canada, studies point to a systemic lack of access to trustworthy advisory and cybersecurity support. Member Cyber Benefits Package: Risk Advisor™.